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+ Books-by Breed

Specific Breed Information, Behavior, Training and details.

+ Flea & Tick Products

Protect your dog from harmful fleas and ticks with our line of over 100 Flea and Tick products. Featuring Advanced, one of the most trusted names in Flea and Tick Protection.

+ Collars

Premium Leather and Nylon Collars are of the Highest Quality. Specializing in Velvet Rhinestone and Studded Leather collars.

+ Harnesses

Both Durable and Strong, our Premium Leather Harnesses are just what you’re looking for if you have a large dog. They are all Fully Adjustable and Long Lasting.

+ Displays

TopDawg displays are designed to maximize wall space and maintain a neat, professional appearance. These are Great displays for Vet clinics, Kennels, Groomers, Mall Kiosks, and Store Fronts.

Toys-fleece & Plush

With over 1200 toys to choose from, we know you’ll find that special toy you’ve been looking for. Choose from Plush toys, Latex toys, Rope toys, Rubber toys, Vinyl toys, and much more!

+ Dog Treats

Treat you're dog to the largest selection of treats available online today. Also see our Chews section for more treats!


Cat Flea & Tick Products

Protect your cat from harmful fleas and ticks. Drops and flea collars available!

Cat Toys-danglers & Wands

You can tease your cat, and have fun for hours. Watch your cat go crazy for these feathers as you move them around with the wand.

Cat Scratching Posts

Scratching Posts give your cat a place to scratch so it can remove old claws and helps save your household furniture from ruin.

Cat Treats

Cat fun doesn't get any better than this! Treat your cats to one of the largest selections of treats available online today.




Offering a huge selection of books both Fresh Water and Salt Water for all your aquarium needs. For Beginners and Experts alike.

Resin Ornaments

Fill your aquarium with the coolest, most colorful ornaments. Beautiful and Colorful ornaments range from Bridges and Castles, to Natural Rocks and Bonsai Forests. If you have an aquarium, you must have these in your tank.

Hi-tech Marine Equipment

Keep your aquarium running clean and efficiently by filtering the water you use. Our High-Tech marine equipment will suit all your water cleaning needs.


Baby Formula & Related

Give your new baby bird the nutrients they need. Fed in conjunction with the birds' daily diet, they provide increased protein, calcium and nutrients. They are highly palatable and readily accepted.


Birds are enchanted by the chime noise as they play. Keep your bird entertained for hours with our large selection of bird toys.


Our new stylish and colorful bird cages are a must have. No more plain square cages here. Unique and modern cages are the way to go.

Vitamins & Supplements

Keep your bird as healthy as possible. Vitamins and Supplements are great in addition to a healthy diet.

Toys-plastic & Acrylic

The toys are virtually indestructible. Birds are enchanted by the chime noise as they play. Keep your bird entertained for hours with our large selection of bird toys.



The newest extreme activity home perfect for Hamsters, Gerbils or Pet Mice. This item pictured features a removable Exercise Ball. Also includes the "Petting Zone" for catching Z's and a Zip-out ball for crazy exercise.

Reptile Bedding

Adds environmental stimulus. Allows natural digging and burrowing activity. Absorbent, Pulls icky waste away from your animal. Decorative, Provides your terrarium with that natural tropical rainforest look!


Great selection of small animal habitats as well as items for your small animal to hide.


Treat your small animals to one of the largest selections of treats available online today. Over 150 items to choose from.

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